What to expect when working with a professional web designer.

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What is a ‘professional’ web designer?

Generally a true professional web designer will do web design as their full time job (but not always!). A professional will also have clients’ testimonials, as well as a good track record and a decent body of work to show prospective clients what they can do. Electro Web Design has years of experience, and is run by a passionate designer. The points outlined below might make it clearer about what a professional designer does differently to a rush designer.

The design and development of a website can be broken down in to 4 stages. How much time or what is included in each phase might depend on your budget or deadline, but we went with the most thorough scenario. The 4 stages of creating a website are:





The Design Stage

The design stage is where the bulk of your (the client) involvement’s would be necessary as it concerns the visual and functional aspects of your website and explains how we are going to create  a website that really works for you.

At the start of the design stage we will hold a virtual design meeting where we discuss your brand identity as far as colours, imagery, and general visual look. Any competitors’ websites are also analysed to see areas we can improve upon to stand out from the competition. We also take any existing corporate branding into account when creating our designs to ensure your current look works with your new website’s design. The design meeting’s first goal is to get a solid foundation on how the site should look.

The second important goal or element of the design phase is designing the site is user experience and user flow. Essentially this is designing how you would like your site’s visitors to behave while browsing on your website. This can include goals such as selling a product online through your website, or getting them to sign up to your newsletter.  Designing clear paths for your user to take and presenting information in a clear and understandable way is important when it comes to your site’s functionality and performance.

We create this for you by designing a site map and wireframes, which outlines how users will move through your site and what your basic page layouts will be.

At this point we hold a second design meeting where we run through the finished sitemap and page layouts and make adjustments as needed.

Finally, from all this information we have gathered we can design the visual mock-ups of your site (including images and colours) and send them to you for approval. Once the designs have been approved and finalised we move on to the development.

Web Site Development

The development phase of the process is where we take the static designs and turn them into functional web pages. We use the latest web technologies, frameworks, and software to create our website. We also develop using WordPress which is a content management system that powers most of the web. There are loads of reasons we use WordPress as our development platform of choice. It is open source, is supported by a massive community, and allows us to create feature-rich sites relatively quickly and affordably. In addition to creating websites, we also maintain websites. The sites that we maintain are regularly updated and checked to ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities or other issues.  You as the client can rest assured that your website will perform well, be search and mobile optimized, and be safe and secure.

Once the development of the functional test site is ready (designed based on the wireframes and sitemap), we are ready to move on to the testing phase.


Before the site goes live, we go through a round of testing. We upload the site to a test server to see how it performs as a living breathing website. Again, further optimisations and design changes may be necessary at this point to ensure the site functions as expected.

Creating a website from scratch sounds like a daunting process, and truth be told it is worth the investment and time. Working with a professional web designer is definitely something we would recommend, and the great thing about getting a professionally designed business website from us is that you can upgrade and expand your website at any time.


Once we are all happy the site is functioning as intended, looks good across all devices, and is fully optimised and web-ready its time to launch your website to the masses! We do offer some post-launch maintenance in order to be double sure that everything is perfect.

Just keep in mind – websites are like houses or cars, cheap ones are worse than expensive ones, and you truly get what you pay for. It’s much cheaper to do it right from the start than to have to fix (or even start from scratch!) a poorly executed project.

Contact us and let us show you what we can do to improve your brand’s image online and grow your business!



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