DIY Website Design vs Hiring a Professional Web Designer

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Should you hire a professional web designer? Or risk going solo and using a DIY solution…

Do it yourself web design solutions that allow you to design and publish your own website have been around for a while now. From hosting companies who offer basic site builders as part of their packages, to more advanced services such as Squarespace and Wix.

Let’s look at the differences between using one of the do it yourself solutions and hiring a professional web designer.

The DIY options

Do it yourself web design services such as Squarespace allow you to pick from a selection of pre-designed templates and then customize these themes to suit your needs. This sounds well and good, provided you have a good eye for design and a reasonable knowledge of how your customers are using the web.

You need to be the designer

Many business owners decide to go the DIY route in order to try save money. Learning how to design and create your website on the fly can be time consuming, and there’s a real risk you could wind up losing interest due to frustration and due to time constraints. You must balance your time between creating your website and running your business, which can be difficult in many cases, and time is money.

Your website’s versatility suffers

A common scenario I’ve been faced with as a web designer is being contacted by website owners who’ve outgrown their current DIY solution and would like a better-looking website with more features.

Due to the limitations and the proprietary nature of DIY solutions the new website often has to be rebuilt from scratch, as opposed to a possibly less costly and time-consuming upgrade if the website was initially built on an industry standard platform such as WordPress. In this case, a DIY approach could wind up costing you a lot more money than hiring a professional.

The professional difference

We use an industry standard platform

We consider WordPress to be the industry standard and the best choice as a content management system for building business and personal websites. There are several reasons for this. WordPress websites account for around 30% of all websites on the web, and this popularity means we can offer extremely effective support and technical backup.

We offer you unlimited design choices, and way more feature options.

Our experience allows us to provide valuable input regarding important features specific to your goals and business that your website needs have in order to perform well and get you more customers. Additionally, we will be able to create a unique and customised visual layout for your website that is user friendly and tailored to your brand– this includes being mobile friendly and additional accessibility features.

Features, upgradeability, and futureproofing.

There are almost no limits to the features that can be added to a WordPress website

A WordPress website can be upgraded to include features such as online store functionality, a blog section, an appointment booking function, and even a reservation service for restaurants and guesthouses. You can even sell digital content by offering subscriptions and memberships. While most of the do it yourself website solutions do offer these services and features, they often come with a catch – a higher monthly fee. If you are willing to invest the initially higher development cost of developing an online store with us there is no monthly increase. You would just pay your hosting as usual. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features that a wordpress based website can add to your business, and any one of these features can be added either from the start, or at a later when your business is ready and your needs change.

Running and maintain your own website

While the initial setup and development of a WordPress website requires specialist technical knowledge, it is possible to manage and run your website once we have created it. We even offer training and tutorials to ensure that you can take care of any content updates you may want to make to your website. For more involved updates and changes to your site we also offer monthly maintenance plans.

Our verdict:

While the do it yourself option may sound appealing, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to build and craft an effective website for your business if you don’t have a good eye for design and the time to invest to building your own website. You might even run the risk of creating a website that looks too similar to other sites, and that is definitely less than ideal!

Working with us leads to you getting a better website for your business, designed to get you more customers and sales. And if you think that having us create a professional website for your business requires a big budget, give our article Cost Comparison: Professionally designed websites vs doing it yourself a read. We think you’ll probably be surprised.

Looking for a web design quote?

We pride ourselves on offering our clients professional service that are accessible to all budgets. Request a custom quote from Electro Web Design and get your business online!

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