Your Website as a Sales Tool

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Having a great website is like having an amazing salesperson on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is crucial today where having a presence on the web, and a custom website will really set you apart and be a much better investment for your business.

If you haven’t yet considered how a custom, professionally designed website could be beneficial to your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this short article I am going to outline two key functions a good website will be able to perform for your business, why a professionally designed website should form the central hub of your marketing strategy, both online and offline.

Your website provides critical information.

Customers may come to your website via several sources. They may come from a link you shared on social media or they may be directed to your site through receiving a business card or flyer. The important thing is that something has encouraged them to seek out more information about your business, and most of the time your website is the final point of contact a person will have before either contacting you or moving on to one of your competitors. This is where your site has its first task: provide the crucial information upfront and leave the not so important stuff deeper in the site. Who you are, what you do, and how to contact. These points should be clearly and instantly visible on your site.

The next step in maximizing your websites effectiveness is creating an effective social media presence that directs people to your website. There are many ways to do this (following good design and development practices, shareable blog posts, informational videos, and general goon on-site SEO so Google know about your site.

We can assist you with more advanced strategies to increase site traffic as well as conversion rate. You would be seriously surprised on the returns that are possible with a professionally designed and optimized website.

So in basic terms – you want to lead the user not bombard them with information the second they hit your landing page. Just the key information and basics of what makes your business unique. Next, you’ll want to direct visitors to your site by creating quality content that people want to both read and share (we can help with this).

Get your user’s attention, and fast!

The average web user browses a page extremely quickly, which is why the basic information needs to be impactful and highly visible. Think of it as the equivalent of a product being eye level at a supermarket. You want the important stuff to stand out, and you want to create an eye-catching offer to inspire action.

Features such as a contact form and a strong call to action such as “Call Now” button, or a “Book a Free Consultation” link are highly effective methods to inspire a user to act. These are the first steps towards turning users into leads and leads into customers.

This may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to keep the layout of the landing page limited, but it actually draws the user’s attention to what matters – quality copy and images that are the key focul points who you are, what you do, and how people can buy it from you.

What is great about a well laid out website that has been updated with the latest technologies is that each interaction with your site can be monitored, which allows us to view and analyze the exact user flow of you website, as well as other useful data such as where users are coming from (down to the province).
This information allows us to make adjustments where necessary to ensure your site is reaching the appropriate customers, and ensures your website is a functional sales too.

If your site isn’t living up to the task of 24/7 salesperson extraordinaire, maybe it’s time to change strategy and invest in a new website and marketing strategy with Electro Web Design.

Electro Web Design offers flexible website design packages, with affordable prices and quality work performed by a web designer with over 8 years of experience. We take on projects of all sizes, ranging from simple business websites to large eCommerce solutions.

Click here to request a custom online quote and lets take your online marketing strategy to the next level.

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