5 activities to help keep you sane during load shedding

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By now most people in South Africa are familiar with the annoying phenomenon that is load shedding. For 2 hours once, sometimes twice a day the house goes dark and quiet. The Wi-Fi goes down, and the TV turns into a silent dark void where Netflix once stood. 

Our question is this – is there a way to use this quiet time to our benefit? We believe so with these 5 activities to keep you occupied while improving your mental and physical health during these dark and silent hours. 

1) Take a walk

Since the average load shedding session lasts around 2 hours this is the perfect opportunity to do some exercise. Walking for 2 hours a day can help reduce your waistline as well as your body mass index. It’s also a great way to ditch the screens and see the outside world. You’ll barely notice the time pass and by the time you get back home you can get back to Netflix and the couch knowing that you’ve also improved your health.

2) Write a Journal

Putting pen to paper is something most of us rarely do these days. Writing a journal is a great way to deal with any thoughts or emotions that may be bothering you, and the physical act of writing with a pen actually keeps your brain sharp and engages motor skills and memory that typing on a laptop/smartphone simply doesn’t. 

3) Photography

Whether you have a fancy DSLR camera or a smartphone, there is something therapeutic about going outside and taking photos. Pets, flowers, family members – there are plenty of good options when it comes to finding a good subject for your photos, and you may find yourself with a new hobby to enjoy.

4) Play a game of Solitaire (with real cards)

Passing the time with a deck of real, physical cards as opposed to using a smartphone can provide a fresh take on this classic game as it adds a tactile and satisfying element with the bonus of having no ads. Again, this activity benefits your memory and your mind so there are other pros to taking the old-school approach. 

5) Read a book

If you have access to a public library then this is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons by reading. A good, absorbing book can make time fly while taking your mind off the lack of power and the absence of digital entertainment available during load shedding.

It can be hard to stay positive during these phases of having no power, but there are ways to use this quiet time to benefit your mind and body. Our list of 5 activities should help keep you sane and occupied as well as benefiting your mind and body. 

We hope this list of 5 activities to do during load shedding can help lighten the stress and burden of being without power. 

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